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Ben Irvine was born in Albury, Australia, but he grew up in North East London. He studied Natural Sciences (BSc) and Philosophy (MA) at the University of Durham, then moved to Cambridge University, where he completed his PhD in the History and Philosophy of Science.

In his work as a writer and campaigner, Ben uses insights from a range of academic disciplines – including psychology, sociology, history, economics and philosophy – to explore and promote the concept of responsibility.

Describing himself as a ‘recovered philosophical hypochondriac’, Ben seeks to reorient philosophy (and humanities disciplines influenced by philosophy) away from neurotic theorising and towards solving problems in living, whether concerning individuals or groups.

He was founding editor of the Journal of Modern Wisdom, which features essays from leading public thinkers seeking to put wisdom back on the agenda, and Cycle Lifestyle, a free magazine which promotes the health and happiness benefits of cycling. As part of this project, Ben is running the London Cycle Map Campaign, which is lobbying for a single, Tube-style map and network of cycle routes in the British capital.

Ben is an Affiliate of the Well-being Institute at Cambridge University, an Honorary Fellow in the Philosophy Department at the University of Durham, and a regular guest blogger for The Creativity Post.

His first book, Einstein and the Art of Mindful Cycling, was published by Leaping Hare in September 2012.

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