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  1. Hi Ben,
    Just a quick catch up, and wanted to say G’day.
    So many things going on in our world, so many tangents to follow. So easy to lose track of what is really important.
    I find myself constantly looking forward, but sometimes need to sit back and reflect on great times and unforgotten memories of the past.
    I’m well, currently in Peru, and have been here for almost 7 years (apart from growing up in my home town – the longest I’ve lived anywhere)!
    I’ve transitioned (from mining) into school teaching and really enjoying it, every day there are new challenges, and plenty of things learn.
    If you get a moment, let me know how you are going and what you are up to.


  2. Hello Ben,

    Your Twitter TL evidences wit and intelligence, such as this January 13 tweet: “… I believe in individual freedom and objective truth, including moral truth. … “ “It’s also why I see eye to eye with Christians on a lot. I think most Christians are Free Realists, albeit with God lurking behind the scenes, hinting or urging rather than commanding. …”

    This tweet makes me wonder if you might like to read a book I wrote that examines every question Jesus asked in the four Gospels.

    ‘Jesus Q – Every Question Jesus Asked’ is meant to bring the person of Jesus into one’s immediate thinking with clarity and power, and fresh perspectives.

    You are clearly a thinker and I suspect you might enjoy this book, and consequently, I bring it to your attention for your potential interest.

    The book is available on Amazon.

    I do enjoy your tweets.

    Take care,
    Jonah Ben-Joseph

    BTW, If you read ‘Jesus Q’ you will be the first person to read it in the entire United Kingdom, to the best of my knowledge.

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