Deliverance (My Road to Freedom)

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Ben Irvine, ‘Intellectual Obesity’, September 2019:


myself performing Bob Dylan’s song ‘Like a Rolling Stone’:


The Truth About the Wuhan Lockdown:

‘I think we’re heading towards general pressure’:

publicly defending the government’s laissez-faire approach:

Vallance wrote an article for the government’s official website:

still calling Britain a “land of liberty”:

he “hoped” he would get to see his elderly mother:

“Sod this, I’m gonna go and see her”:

Johnson faced a “‘full scale mutiny’:

A YouGov poll on March 24:


an ‘Organiser’ from GMB declared:

they would take ‘whatever action was required’:

a “burden” on public services:

‘Ministers are looking with grim bemusement’:

‘’Having canvassed the views of many of you last week’:

The PFA will always focus on your health and wellbeing’:

‘We will continue working hard to protect you’:

As one socialist commentator later recalled:

agitating for all schools to be closed:

calling for all universities to close:

they began stoking a work from home mutiny:

they had “forced” the government into the furlough scheme:

they had met with the “Cabinet Office”:

One PCS leader later disclosed:

on March 17, the NEU published another open letter:

On March 17, Dominic Cummings told Matt Hancock:

On March 14, GMB launched a campaign:

Labour backed the campaign:

‘bowing to pressure to make private beds available’:

reports that 8,000 hospital beds would be ‘rented’:

8,000 was the figure that GMB had originally called for:

GMB called the outcome ‘obscene’:

‘a major deal to expand hospital capacity’:

Matt Hancock explained:

Later, the British Medical Journal disclosed:

a union called Legal Sector Workers United reared up:

‘a duty’ to ‘take immediate action to stop the spread’ / send your workers home:

Our members are organising in workplaces across the sector:

Two days later, the message intensified:

Chris Philp tried to calm the situation:


calling on legal employers to implement working from working from home:

legal employees being ‘forced to go into work’:

‘many many members are organising now for right to WFH’:

condemned the government’s “business as usual” approach:

some of its members at a “major legal aid firm”:

they had ‘withdrawn all staff from face to face contact’:

LSWU crowed their support:

a major concession from the government:

99% of other hearings:

‘an immediate stop to jury trials’:

‘there is an ongoing public health risk in our courts’:

‘do not reflect realities on the ground’:

‘political pressure to keep courts open is unacceptable’:

‘There should be no physical hearings’:

‘we will not advise members to attend court’:

‘if you decide not to attend court’:

‘When, and only when, it is safe, can hearings be resumed’:

Summarising the quotes:

LSWU published a poll:

a zoom meeting that evening at 7pm:

Today the entire criminal bar will refuse to attend court:

nine teaching unions:

conditions on the reopening of workplaces:

The RMT explicitly threatened to strike:

Unite demanded masks on all public transport:

‘fought for, and won’:

The advice on self-isolating was paused on August 1:

strike to force through working from home:

harsher restrictions over Christmas:


18 hours for the first government U-turn of 2021:

he went on national TV to reassure the public:

A message for the teaching unions:

over three times as likely to die from Covid:

teachers were slightly less at risk of Covid:

upping the Covid ‘threat level’ from 4 to 5:

At 8pm, Johnson addressed the nation:

The NEU had demanded the measure:

145 Conservative MPs were remainers:

‘let the bodies pile high’:

‘no more fucking lockdowns’:

‘I should have been the Mayor of Jaws’:

Johnson bullishly announced:

On Freedom Day, Johnson dropped a bombshell:


‘hardly any’ schools opened:

the teachers would again demand masks for the kids:

the RMT would again demand masks on trains:

USDAW would again demand masks in shops:

the BMA and NHS Confederation (which is a sort of TUC for the NHS) began campaigning relentlessly for the policy: (BMA) (NHS Confederation)

the policy was mothballed in September:

in December, a ‘Plan B’ was introduced:

masks were mandated in school corridors:

‘following pressure from PCS’:

four teaching unions were agitating for a vaccine rollout in schools:

under pressure from the teachers:

‘Children’s Covid jabs are being scheduled at schools even though approval is yet to be given.’

compulsory vaccination for all NHS staff in England:

the government announced on January 31 that the policy would be pulled:

the government advised masks in classrooms for the kids:

With the schools reopened successfully, Johnson announced:


The Solidarity Center published an article:

‘From the very first cases of infection in Wuhan’:

the ITUC wrote an open letter to the G20 leaders:

Burrow again appealed to the G20:

On March 27, she called on governments:

the human race’s ‘biggest ever challenge’:

On the same day, the ITUC urged the World Bank:

the ITUC was still insisting on being involved:

On March 9, the ETUC issued a statement:

the ETUC wrote an open letter to the EU’s five presidents:

the introduction of furlough schemes in 18 European countries:

‘suspend labour and social rights’:

a similar letter pressuring the Hungarian PM:

the ETUC wrote to the EU Commission:

the ETUC wrote to all EU Presidents, Prime Ministers, and Heads of State:


the American Federation of Teachers drove many of the country’s schools closures:

“Boris versus the NEU: The Second Lockdown explained”:

the full-length footage of the January 3 NEU zoom meeting:


more than 50 articles paid for by the Chinese Communist Party:

‘our instincts are likelier to push us into over-reacting’:

‘the lockdowns were too long and too harsh’:

‘Has the government overreacted to the Coronavirus Crisis?’:

“Children shouldn’t be touching playground equipment full stop”:

‘Imagine you are a medic working all hours…’:

‘Stop socialising, for your own sake as well as others’:

‘the stupidity of this narcissist is actually mind-boggling’:

She railed against “selfish idiots”:

‘How Boris Johnson will have to sacrifice his liberal principles…’:

‘people won’t do it voluntarily’:

‘We all want to see our mums today’:

‘soldiering on bravely by going out’:

“Just Stay In, You Idiot”:

‘This is a colossal misjudgement…’:

Moran’s March 13, 2020 offering:

‘He’s lounging about at home, why aren’t you?’:

of a British bulldog obediently sitting beside his kennel:

Johnson as a fitness instructor:

a builder sitting on some bricks:

Johnson dressed as a schoolboy:

‘deserves to be verbally abused in public’:

a wheedling letter of apology:

“ridiculous, logically bonkers”:

‘the idea that leaders were “pressured” into acting by the media’:

‘the government summoned media editors to Downing Street’:

‘Which media editors?’

‘I felt that a three-week lockdown was justified’:

She asked, all innocently:

At 5.28pm on January 4:

one retweet which mentioned her podcast:

Pearson’s Telegraph column on May 19, 2020:

Does lockdown mean the return of the ‘Trad Wife’?:

No fewer than nine teaching unions:

This looks to be illegal strike action by @NEUnion:

someone called Mark Lehain had written:

NASUWT had condemned the upcoming NEU action:

‘It’s gone, what did they say?’:

‘It must have been about the Section 44 action’:

The Children’s Inquiry:

‘the government decision to introduce face-masks into classrooms’:

Telegraph journalist Camilla Turner reported:

‘won’t engage with me in any way on the topic’:

‘There’s no more to say’:

I replied with a direct question:

Kingsley’s response was legalistic and obscure:

‘you have no place trolling me or @UsforThemUK like this’:

Kingsley tried to blame Cole’s departure on me:

they could have gone both which is what we did:

‘strategic mistake’:

Unconvinced, I remarked:

‘I don’t know what happened in England at that time’:

vaguely acknowledge what happened on January 4:

‘UFT Scotland know exactly what went on’:

‘we did no such thing’:

I asked them outright:

‘We focus on Scotland not England’:

‘Yes or no questions’:

‘We didn’t cover up the NEU’:

‘So you knew about the NEU mass walkout’:

The response was again unsatisfactory:

just not interested in your issue with English unions:

‘You never mentioned Scottish issues’:

‘your English insinuating snide comments’:


‘prize idiot’:


‘very strange behaviour’:

‘You’re delusional. Go and get help’:

‘Zero honesty for 2.5 years’:

‘Ben has completely lost it’:

‘horrible person’:

a ‘mea culpa’ for not ‘speaking up earlier’:

still shrieking her support for the lockdown:

she “warned” about the harm the lockdown would do: /

In June 2022, Moran wrote a tweet:

‘some people kept their heads down’:

‘And then curiously they never mentioned the whole episode’:

‘Why don’t you talk about what actually happened, Bob?’:

‘Dan, like most conservative journalists’:

‘Not before it happened’:

‘Great Big Sulky Baby’:

‘Do you regret supporting the communist lockdown?’:

‘Say what? Have you googled me lately?’:

‘lockdowns in 2020’:

‘I clearly did not’:


‘we are all using someone else’s platform’:

‘That is a totally irresponsible comment from Hancock’:

‘Just can’t believe it’:


Week off:

‘Stay safe out there’:

On the first day of the lockdown:

The government’s list of key workers was too long:

Writing for the Telegraph:

no downside to wearing a face mask:

‘Why did it take three months?’:

‘Say NO to another lockdown’:

On March 19, Robinson issued a warning:

Robinson’s response was no less sanctimonious:

Robinson approvingly paraphrased an article:

‘I find myself agreeing with [Courtney]’:

‘I agree with @calvinrobinson’:

‘The juxtaposition here is ridiculous’:

‘That was beautiful. #clapforNHS’:

‘Of course we have to take extreme measures’:

In a Telegraph article on June 15, 2021:

there was also a section by Robinson:

A few days after the lockdown, he blathered:

‘The world is now living through an unprecedented pandemic’:

avoid “hysteria”:

‘This is the worst I’ve ever felt… like I’ve been hit by a truck’:

Wootton used his Sun column:

Now we must repay that generation:

his newfound scepticism:

I’ve done my back in entirely:

I’m joining the on air team of GB News:

Pumped to get started:

‘If you have symptoms, isolate as instructed’:

‘I’ve been stuck indoors now since Tuesday’:

‘Hope you feel better x’:

‘all good hun thanks’:

‘one of the most sobering press conferences’:

sad face emoji:

‘moping around’:

The burden of social drinking:


‘Be like Pooh’:

‘Tried to be sensible’:

‘It’s a staged plan’:

They’ll (sic) be lockdowns and curfews for a long time imo’: 

‘The Government knows more than us’:

‘How the hell was you ever a Barrister’:

‘Stop being selfish bastards’:

‘This is [sic] national emergency’:

‘And police will enforce as instructed’:

‘This is bonkers’:

‘This is ridiculous’:

‘Remember it might not be you’:

‘Try and imagine EVERYTHING you touch’:

‘It couldn’t be anymore simple’:

‘Do your bit, #savelives by staying at home’:

‘Team UK. So proud of this country.’:

‘Tonight 8pm. Do your thing UK’:

‘Wolf whistles and “whoooos” optional’:

‘I’m not expecting pubs to reopen until 1st July’:

‘Pubs will be July 1st’:

he signalled his support for various ludicrous measures in pubs:

Then you wouldn’t have a job:

‘Oh piss off’:

he nominated UsforThem as his ‘Greatest Briton’:

‘Taking all reasonable precautions’: 

‘that loan we gave the banks’: 

‘We are being reminded of how much we need each other:

‘desperate times call for desperate measures’:

“Beware the sunbathing police’:

On January 6, the campaign released a video:

freelancers might not get their share of furlough money:

‘Here’s a happy tree’:

himself and his family walking in beautiful countryside:

‘for now we must self-isolate’:

‘Just to say I am eating a sandwich’:

‘They’ll ban sex standing up next’:

‘It’s supposed to be gov’s job to protect our rights’:

‘on the subject of a freedom pass’:

‘We hear you, Mick. Good man.’

‘the video featured a series of interviews with guests including Neil Oliver and the MP Lee Anderson’:

Neil Oliver’s Unlock the Schools interview:

‘Our government is a shower of shite’:

‘taken for fools’:

‘a few hundred of the most unimaginably rich’:

‘the WEF ‘must be mocked and derided’’:

‘they don’t want all the gays dropping dead’:

‘How are you enjoying the self-isolating?’:

In his blog that week:

powerful people were being prioritized for vaccination:

‘This video shows the best side of humanity’:  

‘Stick to the rules’:

‘Good to see police out stopping the idiots from sunbathing’:

‘This makes medical, scientific and economic sense’:

‘Fireworks, the whole street out cheering and clapping’:

‘This is madness’:

‘bring back the water cannons’:

‘finally calling for compulsory face masks’:

‘a giveaway that he’s not supposed to be doing that’:

‘‘Scots should be terrified of lockdown easing’:

‘He called for water cannons’:

his support for “Immunity certificates”:

‘eye roll’ emojis:

from two metres to one metre:

Absolutely no sympathy whatsoever:

‘control over every aspect of our lives’:

‘Why are people so tolerant’:

‘a little bit of wiggle room’:

Best self-isolation movies:

‘Do we need a police state at this moment in time? YES’:

‘Bingo, well said’:

he interviewed a fearmongering ‘doctor and TV presenter’:

‘Stay home. Stay home. Stay home. Gottit?’:



‘Please watch this’:

‘Please listen to the prof. Stay home dudes!’:

‘Even my cat Harry is working from home now’:

‘Is Adele fat shaming the world by losing weight’:

‘Matt Hancock deserves more praise by the media’:

‘How is this confusing?’:

‘There are no guarantees’:

‘Is it too late for governments to learn…’:


No fewer than seventeen times:

‘only has 4 Coronavirus treatment centres’:

‘99% of doctors fear that the NHS is not well prepared’:

‘The ABC of doom’:

‘This is so disturbing’:

‘‘A word of warning about #Coronavirus’:

‘The key to avoiding rapid spread of Coronavirus’:

‘the blame will lie firmly with the UK government’:

‘Considering the gigantic economic impact of #coronavirus’:

‘The government’s approach…’:

‘Boris Johnson – take it on the chin’:

‘the Italy #coronavirus curve from 2 weeks ago’:

‘Hospital doctors have raised concerns’:

‘The UK government must delay the transition period’:

‘The coronavirus comes at an exponential speed’:

‘I’m ready for the lockdown’:

’14 [days] behind Italy’:

‘I want us to follow the WHO recommendations’:

an article for Al Jazeera:

‘exponentially rising cases of Coronavirus’:

‘“Herd immunity” requires 60% of the population to get coronavirus’:

‘I’m not ashamed to say’:

‘I’m pretty good at handling adversity’:

‘I will stick to politics’:

‘Behave as if you might be spreading it’:

all the European countries that had already closed their schools:

‘I never thought I’d say this’:

‘It’s the most collective moment of global empathy’:

he hat-tipped China:

‘wise words’:

‘It’s time to take those wedding rings and watches off’:

‘I’ve just watched a disturbing Sky News report’:

‘Tim Martin, Wetherspoons boss on #r4today’:

‘Let’s fight this together and flatten the curve’:

‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’:

he warned people against visiting his home county:


‘How much alcohol’:

‘This is utterly ridiculous and grotesquely irresponsible’:

‘Hopeful news in Italy’:

almost verbatim the next day: 

‘a month too late’:

‘a month of iron discipline’:

‘we need to learn from them and do the same’:

‘Good luck to everyone. We will get through this.’:

‘£1,500 a month for the next 3 months minimum’:

some anti-capitalist cod philosophy:

‘Separate Lives’:

he praised New Zealand’s ‘Zero Covid’ policy:

On July 24, he was still praising Arden: [can’t find tweet]

a video in which he condemned the phrase ‘the new normal’:

blaming the government for the ongoing atrocity:

a long thread:

The tweet including the following words:

‘Just an idea for the UK government’:

a facile little poem he’d written:

he was spewing out pure propaganda:

‘a realistic post vaccine exit strategy’:

‘the government are on the clock right now’:

‘mask apartheid’:

On May 17, the day that the mandate was lifted:

‘the real covidiots’:

‘spent the last 25 years dealing in China’:

‘Denmark in lockdown’:

‘Mortality rate nearly 7%’:

‘spot the problem’:

‘Absolutely horrifying news from Italy’:

‘Iran digs vast trenches to bury the dead’:

‘unbelievably irresponsible, ignorant and dangerous’:

Spofforth defended herd immunity:

‘I’m suddenly not happy signing’:

‘I’d rather listen to them’:

‘Matt Hancock is doing a very good job’:

‘closing schools would result in many children being looked after by grandparents’:

‘Bad times are ahead. Terrible news from Italy’:

‘I just agreed with David Lammy’:

London would be the first place in the UK to lockdown: also:

‘Moral. Do as you are told’:

‘Confirmed cases of COVID 19 outside of China’:

‘many countries are only at the beginning of their crisis’:

‘facing a virus that doesn’t care about A-levels?’:

‘She reported that Spain’s death toll had ‘soared’:

‘It’s about the massive requirement for health provision’:

‘With pubs still full of idiots’:

‘He should join the queue and speak to his bank’:

‘Today I’ll be available’:

‘Travel plans for the weekend’:

‘We are exactly 2 weeks behind Italy’:

‘651 lives lost in one day in Italy yesterday’:

‘Are they reacting quickly enough?’:

‘We aren’t listening. Why aren’t we?’:

‘They should go home as instructed’:

‘impressive in the commons’:

‘Spoon fed politics for spoilt children’:

‘No one has turned the corner in Europe’:

‘On day 1 of lockdown’:

Two days later, she shared another graphic:

‘The USA has now surpassed confirmed cases in China’:

‘America First’:

she went to the supermarket:

‘20 flights yesterday arrived into London from New York’:

‘We need to be careful that public consent to the lockdown is maintained’:

‘We were too late. We fucked up’:

‘local lockdowns that didn’t restrict the movements of people’:

‘Let’s talk about the NHS being overwhelmed’:

‘Now let’s all stop panicking, get this vaccine show ramped up’:

‘Just 3 weeks. To protect the NHS’:

‘We are now in Lockdown & reversal is unlikely’:

‘Lockdown sceptics should support this lockdown’:

‘This is a really well written articulation’:

‘Vaccination roll out going well so far’:

‘The U.K. Government has ordered 367 million doses’:

‘Once the vulnerable are vaccinated by mid February’:

‘exit plan’:

‘Other countries manage it’:

‘Over 4 million vaccinations’:

‘Does the gov have a plan for tracing & contacting’:

‘More vaccines enter the U.K. market’:

‘Once the vulnerable are vaccinated it’s time to set the majority free’:

‘It’s time to face the unions. We must open the schools and the universities’:

‘Teaching unions push for an EVEN LONGER closure’:

On March 31, Sky reported the following news:

‘When we all watched China lock up their civilians’:

‘I have NEVER celebrated any vaccine’:

A State of Fear:

‘We are the voice of education’:

‘I thought your article was excellently written and thought-provoking’: 

‘I have a lot of sympathy with “conspiracy theorists”:

‘The coronavirus story is going to get bigger and bigger’:


‘This is apparently standard procedure in the NHS right now’:

‘This is the most 100 percent bollocks wrong’:

‘WAY ahead of the curve on this’: 


‘Quite nauseating and dishonest’:

‘It’s weird’:

‘the other two thirds need their heads examining’:

‘All those people on Twitter saying “meh – it’s just like flu lol”’:

‘I’ve just been up to the Midlands on precisely this mission’:

‘some weird, nasty, dangerous element to this Coronavirus – mutations?’:

‘if I’m confined to the country’:

‘The bigger the quantity of virus’:

‘No, fuck right off I am not changing my tune’:

‘What’s your explanation of Italy?’:

‘This is actually really clever’:

an article which ‘suggests that we are dramatically overreacting’:

‘The NHS WILL be overwhelmed. That’s a given.’

‘I heard from my practitioner’:

‘I’ve just been sent something by a doctor’:

‘Yes – my own expert contacts tell me this is so’:

‘a lot of the young’uns are asymptomatic’:

‘Fuck. So that’s next week’s Pilates class buggered, then.’

‘So true. I’m eligible for a bracelet and I want it now’:

‘probably necessary now’:

we need the antibody test asap… we need people with immunity back out and working:

‘we need the antibody test asap so we can get our lived back’ [Delingpole]:

‘we need the antibody test asap’ [Pearson]:

‘Viral load can massively increase death chances’:

‘It WILL overwhelm the NHS’:

‘cure is worse than the disease’:

He equivocated within a single sentence:

‘an urgent crisis’:

hawking a drug called chloroquine:

“lunatic govt policy”:

‘China wishes coronavirus were its Chernobyl’:

absolutely key to getting global economy moving asap:

‘People died on an epic scale in Wuhan’:

‘the country is being held to ransom’:

‘It’s time to start loosening the lockdown’:

‘We need to end the lockdown soon’:

‘The Great Reset is the New World Order’:

‘he heard from someone in the civil service’:

‘Yes, that’s right, I did, didn’t I?’:

The NEU was also rearing up in September: see The Coronapanic Debacle

Mary Bousted was quoted:

‘You’ve lost me but I still like you’:  

‘Sit[ting] on their arses doing nothing’:


‘Rishi Sunak’s lockdown mea culpa makes me feel sick’:

‘The problem, Dan’:

‘Allison, why don’t people get it, by this stage??’:

‘Because people like Allison won’t talk about the fact’:

‘Very few people were opposed to lockdown’:

‘No. It’s unforgiveable not to *admit*’:

‘I think Allison has been one of the bravest journalists’:

‘I am not directing anger at anyone’:

‘Ok apologies, it reads angry to me’:

‘It was either a communist atrocity from day 1 or it wasn’t’:

‘Well, I wrote a book about it’:

‘You haven’t answered my question’:

‘Lockdown #3 was a spin operation by the government’:

‘The teachers unions are overtly political’:  

‘Have you seen my video about lockdown #3, Calvin?’:

‘But Thatcher had public support for tackling the unions’:

‘I’ve spent seven years reporting on the topic’:

‘I’m referring specifically’:

‘You supported the lockdown and then you deleted all your old tweets’:

‘Ben, I think you’re having a moment’:

‘All your tweets from March/April 2020 have been deleted’:

‘Nonsense with your purity test’:

‘Everyone was afraid’:

‘You show content for people who fought with you’:

‘Thanks for confirming to everyone’:

‘You didn’t fight with me’:

‘berated the government for not locking down soon enough’:

‘Yes. And I changed my opinion’:

‘We were told that lockdowns save lives’:

‘people *were* speaking up from before the lockdowns happened’:

‘of which I was one’:

‘By the summer of 2020, I changed my opinion’:

‘The UK government should have adopted the Sweden model’:

‘No one had any idea what we were dealing with at the time’:

‘Why didn’t you listen’:

‘er I did. And I was completely against lockdown.’:

‘No you weren’t. I’ve seen your tweets from that time.’:

‘oh get a grip. Like I said enjoy your day’:

‘Once the facts of infection and vulnerability were known’:

‘the only Great Reset we need’:

‘This is far too gnomic for me’:

‘Hi James. I’m trying to say that the government was blackmailed’:

‘So the hill you want to die on’:

‘He;s lost it, hasn’t he?’:

‘Which part of my statement do you disagree with?’:

‘Sigh. You’re desperately trying to bail the boat out’:

‘His research into the unions is good’:

‘It’s a shame that you and every other brave hero’:

‘We allowed our legislature to impose medical martial law’:

‘I didn’t’:

‘When the day comes’:

I asked her if she was ‘sorry for supporting the demented communist lockdown’:

‘I have never for ONE day supported lockdown’:

she complained about people still using cafes:

The next day, she repeated the complaint:

she crowed that TCW had ‘led’:

summarised the ‘point’ of the article:

‘huge reduction of emissions’:

‘Did I just hear that right’:

‘thank goodness’:

‘Did I just hear that right’:

‘The fine for flouting the stay-at-home rules’:

‘We must all do our part to #SlowTheSpread!’:

‘The police have extraordinary powers now’:

‘He nearly became our Prime Minister’:

‘Hey, idiot young people’:

She supported the grotesque mask mandates:

‘media shills like you’:

‘What on earth are you talking about, Ben?’:

Streets and parks: /

‘the worst public health crisis ever’:

‘like nothing anyone has ever seen before’:

‘Hard to understand people ignoring the advice’:

‘I am scared’: 

‘Don’t be daft’:

‘Let’s all battle this #Covid_19 bastard’:

“get[ting] out of the #lockdown safely”:

‘I was in favour of the first lockdown’:

‘another speech he didn’t want to make’:

‘You supported the disgusting communist lockdown’:

‘You’re obviously confusing me with someone else’:

‘a campaign to close schools’:

‘They *tried* to reopen the schools first’:

‘Opening pubs before schools’:

‘The Great Lockdown Debate’:

‘I am, for the first time’:

‘I’ve had the Covid jab’:

‘I suspect the pressure for obligatory futile muzzles’:

‘Is shutting down Britain – with unprecedented curbs on ancient liberties – REALLY the best answer?’:

‘The Road to Lockdown’:

I accused Hitchens of ‘hiding’:

‘as early as March 15, Hitchens was warning against panic’:

‘I did not ‘hide’ @benirvineauthor’:

‘As usual the teaching unions want to less teaching’: [Perrins tweets are protected – not available for public viewing. I was sent a bunch of screenshots by a friend who has access to Perrins’ tweets. If you would like to see the screenshots, please feel free to contact me on]

‘We’ll never recover from this lockdown fever’:

‘there is a monstrous cruelty’:

‘On January 19, Perrins wrote another article ululating about the lockdown’:

‘In a Daily Mail article on February 9’:

‘Liberty shackled and the future blighted’:

‘total and absolute confinement of the entire population’:

‘On March 30, 2020, the NUJ published its ‘Informed’ newsletter’:

‘adverts promoting schools closures’:

‘major new national advertising campaign’:

an expenditure of more than £69 million:

‘The BMA is working with social media influencers’:

Michael P. Senger’s book Snake Oil:

‘The Russia Report’:

Rebekah Koffler’s excellent book Putin’s Playbook:

‘the NEU’s president Daniel Kebede issued a statement that caused an outcry’:

‘the government had spent at least £828.9 million (nearly £1 billion!) on advertising’:

‘The government paid social media influencers to promote the NHS Test and Trace service’:

‘The Conversation’ provided some more context’:

‘NHS bosses plan to enlist celebrities and “influencers”’:

the army’s ‘77th Brigade’ was helping the government to ‘counter disinformation’:

the website Buzzfeed quoted a ‘government spokesman’:

a 2018 Wired report into the issue:

‘embargos were part of the government’s armoury’:


‘The covidinquiryUK must find out why’:

‘There was never a plan to shut down civil function’:

the Daily Sceptic website published my essay ‘The Road to Lockdown’:

‘EXPOSE: The Role of the Unions in the Covid Panic’:

Astin-Gregory interviewed Liz Cole from Usforthem:

‘Our question is – what has changed since he made that announcement?’ See above (23.43)

‘Listen to your Mind. Body. Soul.’

‘Potential is inert. You can expand your potential all you want’:

‘Did the unions lock us down’:

‘You did cover up the NEU’s Marxist attack on children’: 

‘Are you off your chump, @BenIrvineAuthor?’:

‘Tripe, marinated in blige’:

‘Why don’t you answer the question?’:    

‘It’s the first I have heard of this event’:

‘He is always pissed’:

Tragic, then. But I wish he’d go away’:


In June 2022, an early draft was rejected:

The US Department of Health and Human Services has issued a statement:


‘and is well documented too’: