The March 2020 Attack on Democracy (Whistleblower Philosopher; February 2024)

The Truth about the Wuhan Lockdown: And How the World Became Wuhan (Whistleblower Philosopher; April 2022) Also available as a pdf and on amazon kindle.

The Road to Lockdown: How Unions Drove Covid Policy (Whistleblower Philosopher; January, 2022)

The Unions and the U-turns (Whistleblower Philosopher; August, 2021).

Don’t be Shy, Tories! My Path to Radical Moderation (Whistleblower Philosopher; June, 2020) Also available as a pdf and on amazon kindle.

Let me make the subtext clear (Whistleblower Philosopher; February, 2020)

Hitler’s Racist Socialism (Whistleblower Philosopher; November, 2019)

Brexit, Working Pride, and Noblesse Oblige (Whistleblower Philosopher; October, 2019)

Intellectual Obesity (Whistleblower Philosopher; September, 2019)

Socialism, Creativity, and the Housing Crisis (New English Review; December, 2018)

The Rules of Unreason #2: Branded (Whistleblower Philosopher; January, 2018)

The Rules of Unreason #1: Impolite Company (Whistleblower Philosopher; January, 2018)

Not Helping This City (LCMC webpage; November, 2017)

Existential Anxiety is Contagious (The Philosophy Foundation; September, 2017)

The Mice in the Attic (Creativity Post; August, 2016)

What Goes Around (Creativity Post; May, 2016)

How the Arts Council Cancels Art (Creativity Post; March, 2016)

Automatic Bureaucratic Responsibility Avoidance (LCMC webpage; February, 2016)

Sociotoma: Human Nature’s Blindspot to Human Nature (Creativity Post; January, 2015).

A Keen Life (Creativity Post; December, 2014)

Minefield of Dreams: The Good Intentions that Harm Society (New English Review; February, 2014)

Savouring the View: David E. Cooper’s ‘Daoist’ Philosophy of Nature (ASEBL Journal, vol 10, issue 1; January 2014)

Telling the difference: the mindset for change (Compass; 11 November, 2013)

The Common Bad (Parts 1 and 2), (Journal of Modern Wisdom, vol 2; 2013).

The Paradoxicality of Consciousness: A Sketch of a Theory (Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Artificial Intelligence, v. 25, issue 3, 2013).

The artist as social entrepreneur (Social Arts Network magazine, issue 253; 21 May, 2012)

Darwinism, depressive realism, and hypochondria (The Evolutionary Review, vol 3; 12 May, 2012)

Internet dead end (School of Life; 30 March, 2012)

Defending capitalism against ourselves (Creativity Post; 31 January, 2012)

Oldspeak happiness: a review of the film Happy (Action for Happiness; 5 January, 2012)

Turning over an old leaf (Creativity Post; 27 December, 2011)

Wellbeing on campus (School of Life; 6 October, 2011)

Working definitions (School of Life; 14 September, 2011)

Wisdom and the good life: a philosophy of conscience (Journal of Modern Wisdom, vol 1; July, 2011)

Newspeak and the meaning of happiness (Journal of Modern Wisdom, vol 1; July, 2011)

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