Space to Create – Ben’s new book

Ben Irvine’s new book Space to Create: A Writer’s View on the Housing Crisis is now available to buy from amazon. Kindle and paperback versions are available.

Part memoir, part in-depth report, Space to Create charts the hilarious and heartbreaking journey of one young writer trying to live – and make a living – in the midst of Britain’s housing crisis. Reflecting on his own chaotic course from one dodgy dwelling to another – including stressful shared houses, a bed in a shed, a barn in the middle of nowhere, and his childhood home – Ben Irvine examines the political ideologies and widespread social attitudes that have stripped millions of young people of the right to settle down in a place they can call their own. His conclusion – that socialist policies, peddled by Labour and Conservative governments alike, are responsible for the housing crisis – sheds new light on a dark time in Britain’s economic and social history, and offers a path forward for anyone liberal enough to want to take it.

Buy Space to Create here. 

Delingpole on Scapegoated Capitalism

The brilliant writer James Delingpole has penned a nice piece in The Spectator summarising and praising Ben’s book Scapegoated Capitalism. Delingpole says:

“I’d particularly recommend his book to any parent keen to deprogramme their Corbynista offspring with a few cold, hard, un-emotive case studies showing why and how big government tends almost invariably to make things worse.”

You can buy Scapegoated Capitalism in paperback or on kindle from amazon.

Mindfulness and the Big Questions – publishing today!

Finally it’s hitting the shops in the UK – Ben’s exciting new book ‘Mindfulness and the Big Questions: Philosophy for Now’.

It’s a book about learning to overcome existential anxiety;  learning to stop fearfully hiding in life-denying theories, beliefs and ideologies; learning to face up to life, and embrace life.

Copies are available from amazon and all good bookshops. #MindfulnessAndTheBigQuestions


Mindfulness and the Big Questions – available now

Phew. Ben’s new book has gone to the printers this week, and will be hitting the shops in a few months. It is available for pre-order now from various outlets including amazon.

There will be a launch event in September in London, where Ben will introduce the book and sign copies. Further details to follow.

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Scapegoated Capitalism – available now

Scapegoated Capitalism – available now

Ben Irvine’s latest book, Scapegoated Capitalism, has been published on Amazon Kindle. Clickscapegoated capitalism NEW cover compressed here to buy a copy.

Scapegoating is one of humankind’s most unpleasant and unspoken practices. From witch-hunts and whipping boys to ritual sacrifices and genocides, our past abounds with shameful examples of individuals and minorities being forced to atone for the misdeeds and misfortunes of the powerful. In this groundbreaking book, philosopher Ben Irvine explores the history and psychology of scapegoating, identifying the tragic forces that tempt us to make culprits of the innocent. In turn, Irvine shines a spotlight on the shocking prevalence of scapegoating today. Confronting popular misconceptions about the source of our modern ills, he makes a compelling and controversial claim: that those who are the most vociferous in their condemnation of modern life have the most to answer for. A book for our times, from beyond the pale, Scapegoated Capitalism is a call for self-examination and responsibility.