Mindfulness and the Big Questions – publishing today!

Finally it’s hitting the shops in the UK – Ben’s exciting new book ‘Mindfulness and the Big Questions: Philosophy for Now’.

It’s a book about learning to overcome existential anxiety;  learning to stop fearfully hiding in life-denying theories, beliefs and ideologies; learning to face up to life, and embrace life.

Copies are available from amazon and all good bookshops. #MindfulnessAndTheBigQuestions


Mindfulness and the Big Questions – available now

Phew. Ben’s new book has gone to the printers this week, and will be hitting the shops in a few months. It is available for pre-order now from various outlets including amazon.

There will be a launch event in September in London, where Ben will introduce the book and sign copies. Further details to follow.

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Scapegoated Capitalism – available now

Scapegoated Capitalism – available now

Ben Irvine’s latest book, Scapegoated Capitalism, has been published on Amazon Kindle. Clickscapegoated capitalism NEW cover compressed here to buy a copy.

Scapegoating is one of humankind’s most unpleasant and unspoken practices. From witch-hunts and whipping boys to ritual sacrifices and genocides, our past abounds with shameful examples of individuals and minorities being forced to atone for the misdeeds and misfortunes of the powerful. In this groundbreaking book, philosopher Ben Irvine explores the history and psychology of scapegoating, identifying the tragic forces that tempt us to make culprits of the innocent. In turn, Irvine shines a spotlight on the shocking prevalence of scapegoating today. Confronting popular misconceptions about the source of our modern ills, he makes a compelling and controversial claim: that those who are the most vociferous in their condemnation of modern life have the most to answer for. A book for our times, from beyond the pale, Scapegoated Capitalism is a call for self-examination and responsibility.

Two forthcoming talks

Two forthcoming talks in Cambridge

This November, Ben will be giving a couple of talks in Cambridge on two of his favourite topics.

The first talk, from 2pm to 3.30pm on November 8, is called ‘Cambridge and the Philosophy of the Commons: A Walking History of the Ivory Tower’. Tickets are priced at £5. Further details and tickets available here.

The second talk, from 2pm to 4pm on November 9, is called ‘Cambridge and the Art of Mindful Cycling: Philosophy on Two Wheels’ and requires participants to bring their own bicycle. Tickets are priced at £5. Further details and tickets available here.

Mindfulness in a Modern World event, Sunday 30 March in Brighton – Ben Irvine talk

Mindfulness in a Modern World event, Sunday 30 March in Brighton – Ben Irvine talk

Ben Irvine will be giving a talk in Brighton this Sunday (30 March) on his book Einstein and the Art of Mindful Cycling, as part of the Mindfulness in a Modern World event being run by Leaping Hare Press.

Ben’s talk is at 4.15pm. The event, which is hosted by award-winning journalist John Naish, starts at 1.45pm and also includes talks by Adam Ford (2pm), Claire Thompson (2.45pm) and Richard Gilpin (3.30pm).

The venue is the Unitarian Church, New Road, Brighton.

Journal of Modern Wisdom volume 2

Journal of Modern Wisdom volume 2

The Journal of Modern Wisdom has returned!

The much-anticipated second volume contains a new selection of diligently-written, accessible essays seeking to reassert the importance of wisdom in the modern world, all accompanied once again by exquisite illustrations from ‘Resident Artist’ Thais Beltrame.

Contributors to volume 2 of the Journal of Modern Wisdom (Oldspeak Publishing; 2013) include Theodore Dalrymple, Jules Evans, William Irwin, Nicholas Maxwell and Tom Barker, plus Editor Ben Irvine, poet Rebecca Watts, and an anonymous, high-ranking academic unleashing a glorious polemic against the philosophical establishment.

Addressing a cluster of topics traditionally neglected among the intelligentsia – such as self-control, self-help, community-mindedness and responsibility – the journal’s message is both radical and, deep-down, familiar, providing provocation and inspiration in equal measure.

For public thinkers and the thinking public, copies of the Journal of Modern Wisdom (volumes 1 and 2) are available for £4.99 from