Space to Create – Ben’s new book

Ben Irvine’s new book Space to Create: A Writer’s View on the Housing Crisis is now available to buy from amazon. Kindle and paperback versions are available.

Part memoir, part in-depth report, Space to Create charts the hilarious and heartbreaking journey of one young writer trying to live – and make a living – in the midst of Britain’s housing crisis. Reflecting on his own chaotic course from one dodgy dwelling to another – including stressful shared houses, a bed in a shed, a barn in the middle of nowhere, and his childhood home – Ben Irvine examines the political ideologies and widespread social attitudes that have stripped millions of young people of the right to settle down in a place they can call their own. His conclusion – that socialist policies, peddled by Labour and Conservative governments alike, are responsible for the housing crisis – sheds new light on a dark time in Britain’s economic and social history, and offers a path forward for anyone liberal enough to want to take it.

Buy Space to Create here.