The Truth about the Wuhan Lockdown

Notes and references for The Truth about the Wuhan Lockdown


‘In his brilliant book’: Senger, Michael P, Snake Oil: How Xi Jinping Shut Down the World, Plenary Press, 2021.


‘said one WHO spokesman’:

‘200,000 free tickets were handed out’:

‘Hundreds of millions of people travelled throughout China’:

‘28 flights departed Wuhan Airport every day’: Quoted in Markson, Sharri: What Really Happened in Wuhan, Harper Collins, p. 43.

‘175,000 people left Wuhan’:

‘Chinese cities outside of Hubei’:

‘300,000 people fled Wuhan overnight’:

‘Japan recorded its first case’:

‘Taiwan recorded its first case’:

‘as did the USA’:

‘An Australian security firm has noted’:

‘researchers from Harvard University have analysed satellite images’:

‘Scientists in California have suggested’:

‘the WHO has now admitted’:

‘cited official documents’:

‘French doctors re-tested old samples’:

‘An Italian study of blood samples’:

‘Italian scientists analysed sewage samples’:

‘virologists in Spain found evidence’:

‘the virus had reached the Pacific North West’:

‘the American Red Cross collected blood samples’:

‘preventable and controllable’:

‘common to several respiratory diseases’:

‘the National Health Commission banned the publication of information’:

‘the message was reassuring’:

‘the CCP’s aims in those early stages’:

‘“under control” and mostly a “mild condition”’:

‘no “clear evidence” that the virus could be transmitted from person to person’:


‘They chanted “Give me back green mountains and blue water’:

‘According to social media posts on Weibo’:

‘the founder of the country’s largest green NGO, explains’:

‘protests over incineration plants have broken out in numerous Chinese cities’:

‘As one commentator has summarised’:

‘hot searches’:

‘several incidents of mass lead poisoning’:

‘a spate of injuries and deaths from faulty vaccines’:

‘toxic milk powder formula’:

‘an illness called Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS)’:

‘0.7% off China’s GDP’:

 ‘Xi had three main priorities for the coming year’:

‘average age of death of around 82’:

‘a fatality rate of around 0.1%’:


‘an academic report into the SARS outbreak’:

‘a broad category’:

‘scrub all Covid rumours’:

‘joking that the virus must be “patriotic”’:

‘eight doctors were arrested’:

‘Wuhan police detained a group of Hong Kong journalists’:

‘Even the Mayor of Wuhan’:

‘journalists, lawyers and activists were harassed’:

‘the CCP’s campaign against Covid rumourmongers’:

‘arrested for volunteering to distribute face masks’:

‘pigs being burned alive in a pit’:

‘a body lying prostrate on the pavement’:

‘many videos showing bodies’:

‘extending his arms to break his fall’: (See video at 38 secs)

‘hooking him over the head with a butterfly net’:

‘Qian Gang thundered’:

‘lining the streets’:

‘“We would like to breathe clean air”’:

‘said the WHO, somewhat grudgingly’:

‘Xi Jinping himself weighed in’:

‘“immense public anger”’:

‘The preface of the report declared’:

‘A fascinating documentary’:

‘calm a nervous public’:

‘an open revolt by the public’:

‘Bruce Aylward visited Wuhan and made the follow remark’:–OnNfwORI3u/index.html

‘one CMP journalist crowed’:

‘As one journalist explained’: 

‘Wuhan’s mayor spoke’:


‘this anonymous Wuhan-based journalist’:

‘The Unions and the U-turns’:

‘The Road to Lockdown’:

‘“shaken hands with everyone”’:

‘“on the chin”’:

‘Patrick Vallance went on TV’:

‘“Covid 19 is going to spread further”:

‘don’t wear a mask’: (See 2.41)

‘medical staff would refuse to work’:

‘““whatever action was required”’:

‘agitated for schools closures’:

‘everyone in the country to practice social distancing’:

‘the civil service union, met with cabinet ministers’:

‘a government poll’:

‘Jeremy Hunt’:

‘the RMT had again threatened to strike’:

‘the retail workers union, USDAW… industrial unrest’:

‘the NEU had called for a “circuit breaker”’:

‘the British Medical Association furiously demanded tougher Covid measures’:

‘the NEU held a Zoom meeting’:

‘Johnson announced a national lockdown’:

‘the teaching unions had demanded this disgusting measure’:

‘a Covid vaccination programme was rolled out for schoolchildren’:

‘Teaching unions had demanded this appalling measure too’:

‘against the advice of the Joint Committee on Vaccines and Immunisation’:

‘Boris had optimistically announced’:


The RMT:

‘the teaching unions’:

‘the NHS’:

‘the BMS’:

‘Threatening to vaccinate all NHS staff was probably decisive’:

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‘Cummings has also claimed that Johnson expressed regret’:

‘Boris apparently shouted’:

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‘Boris reportedly declared’:

‘legal measures’:

‘fierce opposition from all the teaching unions’:

‘an attempt to cajole the public’:

‘several newspapers reported’:

‘In an earlier essay’:

‘incredible remark’:


‘Chinese unions frequently engage in “collective bargaining”’:

‘The China Labour Bulletin has logged 13,000 strikes’:

‘turning away patients’:

‘report from the journalist Sharri Markson’: (p. 25)

‘the WHO declared’:

‘based on Chinese Expert Consensus’:

‘One American doctor admitted’:

‘they didn’t actually say anything about a lockdown’:

‘the BBC’s headline’:

‘a solitary tweet’:

‘doubled their spending on PCR tests’:

‘indicated as much’:

‘already been cancelling classes’:

‘According to a report’:

‘China’s Ministry of Education announced’:

‘Why did China close all schools?’:

‘but the schools didn’t reopen until August’:

‘she complained about young children’:

‘the New York Times published an article’:

‘a “crackdown” on online education’:

‘quoted a “primary school teacher”’:

‘summed up the mood’:

‘a meeting took place’:


‘another outbreak – of sloganeering’:

‘One commentator opined’:

‘one lady commented’:

‘he had personally ordered the Wuhan lockdown’:

‘an open letter to the government’:

‘sentencing him’:

‘reprimanding several more’:

‘he had become a “national folk hero”’:

‘days later’:

‘speaking out against the lockdown’:

‘a press briefing’:

‘The next day, Tedros declared’:

‘didn’t mention the pandemic’:

‘he addressed some Wuhan doctors’:

‘One journalist spoke’:

‘a report in the Financial Times’:

‘The team’s work was accepted by the WHO’:

‘the cycle threshold was set at 45’:

‘counting cases based on clinical observation’:

‘a fake image’:

‘nine days to complete’:

‘costing a total of £530 million’:

‘treated only 150 Covid patients’:

‘“never used on a large scale”’:

‘built to “bring hope”’:

‘publicly rejected the idea of another teachers strike’:

‘trucks spraying disinfectant’:

‘According to the US intelligence services’:

‘registered zero cases’:

‘the same was being reported of Wuhan itself’:

‘declaring in February’:

‘Sun Chunlan visited Wuhan’:


‘I quote from the article at length’:

‘offered to send a team’: 

‘reiterate the offer in person’:

‘the CDC issued a “Level 1”’:

‘Xi is alleged to have said to Trump’:

‘increasing pressure’:

‘the dearth of information’:

‘was agitating for more information’:

‘their first article’:

‘CNN went further, declaring’:

‘two of them’:

‘and a third’:

‘On January 18, there was a CNN report’:

‘“the possibility of a deadly epidemic”’:

‘The BBC’:

‘Al Jazeera’:

‘RT News’:

‘the CDC slapped another travel warning on Wuhan’:

‘advising against all travel to Hubei’:

‘the CDC put Wuhan on ‘Level 3’’:

‘the US State Department raised its travel warning’:

‘15 times when Trump praised China’s pandemic response’:

‘no fewer than 31 times’:

‘China was facing deepening isolation’:

‘96 countries had issued travel restrictions’:

‘200,000 domestic flights were cancelled’:

‘Director Dr Tedros exclaimed’:

‘the WHO issued a statement’:

‘At a news conference’:

‘“absolutely no doubt”’:

‘“combat the spread of rumours”’:

‘“fanning the flames of hysteria”’:

‘He condemned “misinformation”’:

‘He called for “rationality, not rumours”’:

‘“Fear and panic doesn’t help”’:

‘“working with the big “search and media companies”’:

‘“working with governments, airlines, media and technology companies”’:

‘Another WHO tweet implored the public’:

‘the basic advice’:

‘“packages from China”’:

‘“goods manufactured in China”’:

‘Tedros denounced “fear, rumours and stigma”’:

‘He rejected “division and disharmony”’:

‘“the greatest enemy we face”’:

‘“infecting others” or “spreading the virus”’:

‘The real message became clearer’:

‘“Now is not the time”’:

‘“credit where it’s due”’:

‘the case count in China was declining’:

‘continuing to decline’:

‘“the lowest since January 22”’:

‘a bizarre claim’:

‘concerning instances’:

‘“almost 9 times more”’:

‘a very grave threat’:

‘a hint of exasperation’:

‘in early January was disgraceful’:

‘changed the definition’:

‘Donald Trump exaggerated’:

‘all its sponsors’:

‘Bruce Aylward, said at a press conference’:

‘at a time’:

‘the headline of an article’:–OnNfwORI3u/index.html

‘some remarks made by Tedros’:

‘earlier in March, Tedros said’:

‘Italy also has Europe’s largest number of Chinese immigrants’:

‘home to Europe’s largest Chinese community’:

‘outsourced manufacturing to China’:

‘longstanding tensions’:

‘One local artisan has described’:

‘The 2008 documentary’:

‘the second oldest population’:

‘an incident occurred’:

‘reporting other incidents of discrimination’:

‘off work because they were self-isolating’:

‘and in France’:

‘the first institutions’:

‘schools and universities were closed’:

‘Vox magazine reported’:

‘focused on the transportation’:

‘inspired by Italian unions’:

‘open agitation’:

‘more than 100 countries’:


‘700,000 fee-paying Chinese students’:

‘Wray summed up the leverage’:

‘500,000 people to spread disinformation’:

‘have tweeted in 55 languages’:

‘Intelligence analysis showed’:

‘assailed on Twitter’: se Senger, Snake Oil

‘the US State Department provided Twitter’:

‘The Telegraph reported on March 9’:

‘they waxed lyrical’:

‘The “impartial” BBC chipped in’:

‘Tomas Pueyo published an article’:

‘a film by Olmo Parenti’:

‘Professor Susan Michie’:

‘the CCP was trying to influence Covid policymaking’:

‘travelled to Italy’:

‘Xi Jinping himself telephoned’:

‘Tedros opined’:

‘officially a ‘pandemic’’:—11-march-2020

‘In an interview with Sky News Australia’:

‘encourage countries’:

‘Hua Chunying, complained’:

‘comments by US Commerce Secretary’:

‘there were “deteriorating relations”’:

‘the stories might have some truth’:

‘the US government contributed funds’:

‘the virus may not have come from China’:

‘many researchers have since argued the same’:

‘Zhao Lijian, claimed’:

‘the CCP made an official statement’:

‘“27 Quarantined in Wuhan”’:

‘the People’s Daily article’:

‘The mission reported “a rapid increase in cases”’:

‘24 new cases had been exported from Italy’:

‘schools and universities were closed’:

‘Tedros was still urging countries’:

‘shutting China’s own borders’: 

‘all schools in the country to close’:

‘drive numerous state lockdowns’:

‘directly influenced CDC policy’:

‘a series of “escalating threats”’:

‘teaching unions exerted pressure’:

‘In France, there were already 120 schools closed’:

‘didn’t want the schools to close’:

‘the Australian Workers Union started asking’:


‘more than half of humanity’:

‘tuberculosis’: Report_1 May 2020_FINAL.pdf



‘up to 12,000 starving’:

‘132 million malnourished’:

‘heart disease’:


‘1 in 7 cancer surgeries postponed’:

‘65% decrease in screenings’:

‘100,000 businesses lost’:

‘workers were laid off’: Snake Oil, p. 144

‘255 million jobs lost’:



‘Mental illness running riot’:

‘Alcohol abuse’:

‘drug abuse and drug deaths soaring’:

‘Domestic abuse surging’:

‘Elderly people brutally isolated’:

‘Millions of children dead’:

‘more than in the old’:

‘children pushed into multidimensional poverty’:

‘Child abuse soaring’:

‘Female Genital Mutilation increasing’:

‘thirteen million more child marriages’:

‘HIV infections in children potentially doubling’:

‘Childhood mental illness spiralling’:

‘Eating disorders more prevalent’:

‘struggling with feelings of isolation’:,’Children%20at%20risk%20of%20lasting%20psychological%20distress%20from%20coronavirus%20lockdown,lasting%20psychological%20distress%2C%20including%20depression.

‘Billions of days of education lost’:

‘Achievement gaps widening’:

‘kids falling off the grid’:

‘The masks didn’t work’:

‘the lockdowns didn’t work’:

‘reports accumulating about adverse effects’:

‘20,000 in the UK and 120,000 in the USA’:

‘more harm than the cold’:

‘Erna Solberg, who locked Norway down, acknowledged’:

‘the policy was a ‘huge, huge mistake’’:

‘his painfully turgid book’:

‘leaders began parroting the slogan’:

‘They included’:

‘curtail his country’s economic development’:

‘on March 19 one of the Great Reset accounts’:

‘another account was accusing the CDC of ‘genocide’’:

‘an account sharing a graphic about a rise in cases’:

‘an account shrieking at Boris Johnson’:

‘one account was flipping out’:

‘on March 12 an account was saying’:

‘Twitter deleted 170,000 accounts’:

‘reports of people being sent to ‘quarantine camps’’:

‘a psychotic order’:

‘Workers shut down an entire shopping centre’:

‘‘minimize the impact’’:

‘The Moscow Times reported’:

‘facing another Covid uproar’:

‘in a bitter, rambling speech’:

‘Johnson made a revealing remark’: